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“Loved this book, could not put it down. Kept me interested and in suspense. . . . waiting for more from Jacqueline Wheelock.”


– Amazon purchaser, Author

“I wish I could give this book [A Most Precious Gift] more than 5 stars. It is going on the list of one of my all-time favorites.“

– Sara Foust, Author

“A Most Precious Gift exceeded my expectations. . . . I expected to enjoy it—but the setting, the characters, and the storytelling made me love it. . . . If you are fond of the likes of Tamera Alexander or Deeanne Gist, you will love Jacqueline Freeman Wheelock’s A Most Precious Gift.”


– Regina Merrick, Author

A Most Precious Gift

“Jacqueline Wheelock’s novel, A Most Precious Gift, lives up to its name. it’s a gift to every reader. Reminiscent of the downstairs lives in Upstairs, Downstairs, it brings fresh perspective to the lives of slaves in a pre-Civil War southern town mansion. A love story written with rare perception, it reveals the plight of a beautiful slave girl, Dinah, who struggles to live free, love, and marry the man of her choice. With energy and a fierce devotion to her Christian faith, she fights for the right of self-determination. And like many of us, she does so amidst her own negative thoughts shouting, “you’re not good enough.”

— Judy H. Tucker, Editor/writer, Coming Home to Mississippi,
University Press of Mississippi, 2013

A Most Precious Gift

"If you love Downton Abbey, youmust read A Most Precious Giftby Jacqueline Wheelock. Her novel carries you along on a current as swift as the Mississippi River. Lyrical, dignified and uplifting, Mrs. Wheelock’s book is an unflinching glimpse of slavery in the Old Southfrom the slaves’ points of view."

—Diane Ashley, best-selling author of nine novels and two novellas and winner of Carol Award, 2012. www.dianeashleybooks.com.

A Most Precious Gift

"Jacqueline Wheelock will draw you into A Most Precious Gift with her wonderful characterization, her attention to detail and her historical setting. You’ll feel as though you are right there in Natchez with Dinah and Jonathan as they fight their own personal battles to realize what the Lord has in store for them. This is a story you won’t want to put down—and you will always remember."

—Janet Lee Barton, author, CBA and EPCA bestseller and a Romantic Timestop-pick author for Love Inspired Historical, 2014

A Most Precious Gift

"Author Jacqueline Freeman Wheelock has penned an engaging story in A Most Precious Gift, giving the reader an authentic look at the “downstairs” life in a Natchez plantation of the antebellum South. While the romance of Jonathan and Dinah captures the heart, the worth of this exceptional prose is in the deftly interwoven message of what true freedom really is. The title of this debut refers to this freedom, but the most precious gift is this amazing novel and what it leaves lingering in the heart of anyone fortunate enough to read its words."

—Aaron McCarver, CBA and ECPA best-selling author and Carol award winning author

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